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Group Corporate Governance

Mitsui-Soko Group is pursuing highly transparent management based on thorough compliance. In addition to driving a more economical and efficient workflow, we endeavor to act as a fair and legally-compliant concern and make good on our social obligations. To that end, we employ a separation of our executive and auditing teams and a system of mutual checks and balances, as well as external directors, auditors, and other experts who check our work towards better corporate governance.
Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd. Corporate Governance Report (Revised on December 23, 2021)


Mitsui-Soko Group has implemented the “Mitsui-Soko Holdings Corporate Governance Guidelines” to clarify its fundamental approach, framework, and management policies concerning corporate governance.

Mitsui-Soko Holdings Corporate Governance Guidelines (Revised Nov. 22, 2021)

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