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  • Compliance

Compliance initiatives by the Mitsui-Soko Group

Mitsui-Soko Group is pursuing highly transparent management based on thoroughgoing compliance. In addition to driving a more economical and efficient workflow, we endeavor to act as a fair and legally-compliant concern and make good on our social obligations. To that end, we employ a separation of our executive and auditing team and a system of mutual checks and balances, as well as external directors, auditors, and other experts who check our work towards better corporate governance.

Current status of internal governance system

In order to ensure that the actions taken by officers are in compliance with applicable laws and company regulations, and that work is performed in accordance with applicable social norms, we employ a system of internal governance. The code of conduct we employ to ensure that officers and personnel strictly comply with laws, company regulations, and social codes focuses on a core governance policy implicated in compliance, such as corporate codes of ethics and ther standards.

Creation of risk management system and internal audits

The Mitsui-Soko Holdings risk management officers and auditors ensure that the risk management division can forecast potential risks before they occur. In the event of an unforeseen incident, a compliance hotline is installed, and personnel notified of the issue, with workflows revised accordingly and internal inspections made to reduce further risk.

Specific initiatives being taken towards compliance

The Mitsui-Soko Group engages in a range of activities year-round in order to foster greater understanding of compliance. In August 2017, we conducted a compliance survey of all group-wide personnel. Based on the results of sthe survey, we launched a training program in March 2018 across all major business sites. In addition to installing posters notifying all personnel of the compliance hotline they have access to, we distribute compliance cards and periodically feature compliance topics in our company bulletin, as well as issue a compliance-specific newsletter, fostering a culture of awareness about compliance.

Our team engaging in compliance training

Compliance initiatives: creation of corporate ethics framework

Not only does the Mitsui-Soko Group strictly comply with all laws, corporate codes of conduct, and social norms, but each personnel member takes responsibility and pride in their work to operate our business in a highly ethical manner. To that end, we have established a corporate ethics framework and continue enhancing it and training our personnel in its understanding and application.

Corporate ethics framework

  1. The upper echelons of management recognize that ensuring corporate ethics is their ultimate mission and duty, and they take the initiative to set an example to promote ethics throughout the organization and group of companies, as well as assess company-internal and -external feedback at all times and establish an effective company infrastructure.
  2. In the event that an adverse event should occur, the upper management personally endeavor to resolve the issue and make public, both internally and externally, issues being taken, identifying the cause of the problem and preventing its recurrence. We also fulfill our duties to explain the business we engage in and provide information to the public in an accurate and timely manner. We establish specific roles and responsibilities and personally take the initiative to handle the problem accordingly.
  3. All personnel of the Mitsui-Soko Group strictly comply with applicable laws and refrain from illegal or excess entertainment of, gift-giving, or donations to customers, clients, and public institutions.
  4. All personnel of Mitsui-Soko Group strictly oppose anti-social forces or groups that would threaten or disturb the safety and order of society, and refuse to engage or interact with such entities.
  5. All personnel of the Mitsui-Soko Group do not engage in any form of discrimination, and we conduct our business activities with respect for the local culture of the region.
  6. All personnel of Mitsui-Soko Group recognize that the leak of confidential information, including that pertaining to customers, represents a major act of malfeasance that could breach the trust of our company in society at large. Therefore, we exercise the utmost care when handling information, including that on social networking services.
  7. Seeking to foster ongoing understanding of ethics among its personnel, the Mitsui-Soko Group actively implements training programs on corporate ethics and, given the increasingly complexity of work, acts to prevent potential malfeasance or incidents before they occur.
  8. All personnel of the Mitsui-Soko Group remain keenly aware that environmental initiatives are a goal shared by all of humanity, and essential to the longevity and activity of a company. To that end, we actively pursue a range of programs for the environment.