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Mitsui-Soko Group Policy on Sustainable and Responsible Procurement

The Mitsui-Soko Group aims to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities and engage in sustainable growth together with regional communities. To that end, we work on promoting highly transparent corporate management that is committed to compliance, and operating our business in a fair and lawful manner, along with pursuing economy and efficiency. To procure responsibly, we also consider societal issues within our own Group procurement practices, and strive to reduce environmental impact and address labor issues within the supply chain.

In order to build sound and fair relationships with our business partners and other stakeholders, the Group takes the following approach when procuring products and services. Our business partners (suppliers including subcontractors) are made aware of the points in this policy, and we request that they also comply with and adhere to them.

  1. Legal compliance
    • Comply with laws and social standards
  2. Fair trade
    • Provide our business partners in and outside Japan with opportunities for fair trade, and build relationships of mutual trust and cooperation through honest and impartial selection and business
    • Comply with laws and regulations on preventing corruption, inappropriate benefits and relations with organized criminal groups as well as with antitrust law and subcontract law
  3. Quality management
    • Seek optimal quality, appropriate cost and safety in products and services
    • Place customers first and handle requests related to our products and services sincerely
  4. Environmental conservation
    • Actively work to minimize environmental impact through actions such as promoting energy conservation and increasing use of renewable energy to lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing waste
    • Work to minimize waste by actively promote waste reduction, and material reuse and recycling, and comply with laws and regulations on waste disposal
    • Work to use water efficiently, process wastewater appropriately, manage hazardous substances appropriately and prevent leakages; engage in biodiversity conservation
  5. Respect for human rights and labor practices
    • Comply with all laws and regulations on labor practices
    • Prohibit inhuman and unjust treatment of workers including all types of discrimination, harassment and abuse
    • Prohibit child labor, forced labor, unfair reduction of wages and unreasonably long working hours
    • Respect workers’ freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
  6. Health and safety
    • Comply with all laws and regulations on occupational health and safety
    • Work to ensure the safety and health of workers, and to provide and maintain appropriate working environments
  7. Information management
    • Appropriately protect and manage confidential information and personal data acquired in the course of business activities

June 24, 2021
Mitsui-Soko Holdings Co., Ltd.