• Labor Management

  • Procurement Policy

Strengthening its ability to respond to market changes by promoting human resource development and diversity, the Group is also addressing labor shortages and occupational safety, which pose risks for its logistics business.

Development of Global Human Resources

To develop global human resources, the Group has in place an Overseas Practical Training Program by which young employees are deployed to work in other countries. Sent to the United States, China, and Southeast Asia, the trainees learn about distinctive working methods in other countries, as well as about other cultures and customs, by working alongside local staff, including the Group’s resident local representatives. We nurture global human resources who possess multifaceted perspectives and are capable of taking proactive action to solve problems.

Promotion of Diversity

Based on its diversity policy, the Mitsui-Soko Group strives to enhance diversity and create work environments where all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities. Implementing measures to promote the active participation of women and diversity management training, each Group company has obtained a variety of certifications. These include the three-star Eruboshi certification awarded by the Japanese government in recognition of efforts to encourage the advancement of women in the workplace.

Promotion of Work-Style Reforms

Through work-style reforms, we are making improvements to our workplaces in response to the current, significant changes in the business environment. Each Group company reviews and encourages flexible working hours and short-time work systems while devising ways to improve operational efficiency. To encourage interdepartmental exchanges and improve productivity, we have been implementing a system in which employees are free to choose their workspaces at our Tokyo head office since April 2019 and are promoting the use of activity-based working (ABW)* in conjunction with various work styles.
(*A work style in which employees can choose their locations and desks according to the nature of their work. In the future, it will be introduced at each site.)

Thorough Occupational Safety Measures

Based on the thinking that logistics quality, which is based on safety and security, is one source of corporate value, the Group strives to create workplaces where accidents do not occur. We hold safety management study sessions and review measures taken after past incidents at each Group company as part of continuing to improve the quality of our business operations. Every year, the entire Group conducts a Business Improvement Contest. By commending good practice within the Group and laterally disseminating information, we are building a corporate structure by which the entire Group continues to evolve.