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Environmental policy

The Mitsui-Soko Group is actively pursuing “green management” as part of our social obligations and duties to the environment.


One of Mitsui-Soko Group’s core principles is giving back to society through the field of logistics. To that end, we pursue environmentally-friendly activities and contribute to the preservation of the global environment. We want to become an ever-more trusted force in society.


  1. We strictly comply with all environmental protection-related laws and regulations.
  2. Out of consideration for the potential impact our activities can have on the environment, we promote the following environmental preservation initiatives.
    1. We inspect and maintain equipment and facilities and employ low-energy devices and automobiles to drive more efficient use of energy.
    2. We promote the proper disposal and recycling of waste.
    3. We endeavor to conserve resources and curb waste, and give priority to purchasing and using Eco Mark certified products.
    4. As a company actively engaging in environmental conservation, we promote awareness of this goal and aim to coexist with the local region and community.
  3. We assess current environmental conservation efforts and set specific action plans with actionable targets, and periodically revise them as necessary to drive ongoing improvements to our environmental management system.
  4. Through environmental education and PR, we will strive to heighten our employees’ environmental conservation understanding and awareness, and support each employee so he or she can engage independently in environmental conservation endeavors.
  5. This environmental policy is posted on our website and widely publicized beyond our company.

February 1, 2005