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〈Information About the Company〉

  • When was the company founded?
    It was founded on October 11th, 1909.(History)
  • Could you explain the major operating companies and businesses under the holding company structure?
    Major operating businesses and businesses are as follows
    • Mitsui-Soko:
      Warehouse businesses such as domestic warehouse storage, transportation, distributive processing, and port transport business for port work and transportation services for shipping companies.
    • Mitsui-Soko International:
      Logistics services provided by overseas local subsidiaries and global flow business providing logistics services for global supply chains.
    • Mitsui-Soko Express:
      Global express business providing mixed transport by air freight transportation and related logistics services
    • Mitsui-Soko Logistics:
      Logistics systems business providing supply chain management support services through third party logistics.
    • Mitsui-Soko Business Trust:
      Business process outsourcing (BPO) business which operates and manages entirely or partially clients' business processes.
    • Mitsui-Soko Supply Chain Solutions:
      Provide various solutions as a logistics designer, taking advantage of know-how on a global supply chain management accumulated in the electronics industry.
    Additionally, real estate business is conducted by Mitsui-Soko Holdings.

〈Questions about closing and financing〉

〈Questions About Stock〉

  • When did the company go public?
    April, 1950.
  • What number is the securities code for Mitsui-Soko Holdings?
    Mitsui-Soko Holdings' securities code is 9302. The securities code has not changed as Mitsui-Soko.
  • Are there any procedures necessary with current Mitsui-Soko Co., Ltd. Shares upon making the transition to a holding company structure?
    There are no procedures particularly necessary.
  • What is the trading unit shares?
    The trading unit shares Is at 1,000 shares.
  • I own less that the trade-able unit of shares; please tell me about buying or purchasing.
    For the selling and buying of shares less than the minimum trading number (less than 1,000 shares), please consult your securities company.
  • Could you explain about dividends?
    We are planning dividends for March 2017 at an annual 5 Yen (interim dividend at 5.0 Yen). For basic policy on dividends or previous dividends, please look at “Stock Prices/Bond Information” and “Dividend Information”.
  • What is the scheduled date of the shareholder dividend payment?
    Annually, March 31st and September 30th
  • Is there a shareholder special benefit plan?
    We believe that dividends should fundamentally be the premium redemption to shareholders, and that special benefit plans require certain expenses, and as a result we currently do not provide shareholder special benefit plans.

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